– London

Reconome was started by ex-bond trader, Nick Rawkins to create new ways and new business models for dealing with electronic ‘waste’.  Based initially under the London Overground arches in Leytonstone, their focus is on building a circular economy via collections, repair, reuse and then only recycling if they cannot fix it.  This is similar to the model seen in Scandinavia at ReTuna and Kierrätyskeskus and embedded in the culture in Cuba and Ghana.

Dave Williams is head of operations, which basically involves “whatever needs doing” from liaising with suppliers and customers, to sorting out hundreds of used power supply cables. Andrei Pantazi is the chief engineer and all-round repair expert, originally trained in electronics in Romania he leads all the electronic and device repair activities, including motherboard level repairs and component replacement. In amongst his sophisticated array of tools is the ubiquitous iFixit tool kit with selection of security bits.   Michele Coletti who handles testing and despatches and the wider sustainability of their activities.  The team has recently expanded with new recruits Fleur, Vlad and Marco.

The Reconome team collect unwanted electronics including office clearances and then repair and refurbish the items for resale, thereby prolonging their life and reducing the environmental impact. The approach is central to achieving the circular economy.