Fixing Factories

Fixing Factories

Born from a joint initiative between the Restart Project in partnership with climate charity Possible, Ready Tech Go, West London Waste Authority, and Mer IT and made possible thanks to National Lottery and CAST funding.  The first Fixing Factory opened at the Abbey Road Reuse and Recycling Centre, Brent, London on 23rd April 2022. The second opened in Camden (on the high street in Queens Cresent) on 27 October 2922, with support from Camden Council.

Fixing Factories, like small scale version of ReTuna and Kierrätyskeskus, provide a solution to prevent used electronics (and other goods) ending up in ‘recycled’ waste. Instead, a repair is attempted on the donated item, and if successful the device is given to local charities.  Collecting the broken devices also provides free spares to help with repairs.

The Fixing Factories also run repair events, just like a repair cafe or Restart party and training events to help people learn to repair.  They also provide a bookable repair service supported by volunteers in the partnership organisations.

Fixing Factories are community repair hubs that will allow local people to avoid throwing away household appliances and electronics and needlessly buying new goods which are often expensive and environmentally damaging.  As well as reducing waste they also providing a much-needed service and helping with the cost of living crisis.

The Fixing Factories also provide learning opportunities for local residents so they can repair appliances themselves, hoping to build more sustainable thinking and practices into everyday life. As more are created in the high street and town centres, they also provide a positive benefit in helping revitalise our high streets as places for communities.

Linked to the new Fixing Factories are a series of community and educational events.  At Brent, a session was held with students at Alperton School studying ICT.  The workshop enabled the students to learn about the challenges of electronics and e-waste and to practice preparing themselves.