“We are gobbling up the Earth’s resources at an unsustainable rate”

[source: UN environment programme, 2019]

“Electronic or ‘e-waste’ is our fastest growing waste”

“Recycling is not the solution”

“Repair and Reuse is Essential”

Consumption is killing the planet.  The “Extraction of materials is a chief culprit in climate change and biodiversity loss—a challenge that will only worsen unless the world urgently undertakes a systemic reform of resource use,” (UN Environment climate change specialist Niklas Hagelberg).

Electronic or ‘’e-waste’ is our fastest growing waste. We all contribute to this problem as we buy more devices. An equally big problem is ‘fast fashion’ clothing that consumes huge resources and yet is discarded after little use.

Recycling is not the solution. More than 80% of electronic waste is not recycled properly; we do not even know where most of it ends up. Like much of e-waste, fast fashion, because of how it is made, can be difficult to recycle and often ends up on landfill or burned.

Similar problems are created with almost everything we buy that use materials extracted from the earth: cars, toys, refrigerators, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, irons, hairdryers, lamps; an endless list, eating up our limited resources.

One solution that works is to make our products last longer, through repair, reuse, and refurbishment.


And then recycle parts and materials only once the other options are exhausted. explores the impact and our systemic solutions to waste; ways to overcome the barriers, identify ideas and resources that we can all access or demand our rights to use.